In my 20+ year career I've concentrated primarily in web based media. My experience includes everything from production design to art direction and management. The best way for you to know about my work ethic and abilities is for you to hear it from my clients and associates.

I have worked with over 30 designers in the past 7 years and it has been a pleasure working with Phil. He is one of those rare designers who has strong direct marketing skills, takes the time to understand your business, can manage a team and has a great personality. He would be a great addition to any online marketing team or company.
— Cesare Alessandrini (CEO, FormsDirect)
Phil’s pure design skills are exemplary, but it is his business acumen and project management skills that make him a very unique find in the creative world. He is a gifted manager that earns the respect and devotion of his team through leading by example. His direction and oversight ensured successful execution against the countless mission critical projects that Phil’s team touched.
— Joe Fahner (VP & GM, Online Credit Card Marketing, Experian Interactive)
For 6 years Phil has been our web designer (through two redesigns and one re-launch) and handled our digital communications with customers. We respect both his technical skills and his eye for design and have learned to depend on his judgement and experience 100%. We’ve always felt that we’ve received excellent value for his services. Recently we won a national industry award as Kitchenware Retailer of the Year; the selection panel emphasized the significant role our re-designed website played in their decision.
— Charles Nelson (Owner, Toque Blanche)
Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our business, and Phil always goes the extra mile to take the time to really listen to our customers and design something extremely creative that rises above any boundaries or limits that may have been set. He has been instrumental in streamlining internal processes to better serve both internal and external clients.
— Emily Pender (Sr. Director, Client Services at MetaReward)
I’ve worked with Phil for more than 7 years on both small and large jobs, and can honestly say he is a real asset and a joy to work with. He’s a total design professional - able to quickly take direction, understand the project needs and produce outstanding results. Phil easily accepts feedback and always creates a final design that I am completely satisfied with. On top of this he is reliable, adapts quickly to changes and can work across multiple organizations.
— Tasha Lockyer (Vice President of Product Management at NextAdvisor, Inc.)
I’ve had the pleasure of benefiting from Phil’s excellent design work while working with him at two different companies. In addition to turning out top-notch designs, he is also able to effectively communicate his design choices both internally and externally. Phil goes out of his way to stay up to date on all industry standards and has an unparalleled ability to balance the client’s demands with his expert knowledge of what is actually effective in the marketplace. Most importantly, Phil’s more than capable of turning out high quality work in ever changing, fast paced work environments that often have very ambiguous project specifications.
— Molly Gaines (Vice President, Strategic Accounts at NextAdvisor, Inc.)